April 19, 2024

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Media reports: Putin is reportedly getting kamikaze drones from China despite all warnings

Media reports: Putin is reportedly getting kamikaze drones from China despite all warnings

Media reports

Putin to get kamikaze drones from China despite all warnings

Beijing and Russia are now said to be in talks to buy 100 drones after the US and Germany warned China against arming Russia.


Chinese foreign policy expert Wang Yi met with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in Russia.


  • According to media reports, China is reportedly in talks with Russia about kamikaze drones.

  • China’s foreign policymakers have repeatedly denied allegations of arms sales to Russia.

  • However, there should be information that proves the information in the “mirror”.

When US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken met with Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi at the Munich Security Conference, they discussed, among other things, the suspected Chinese spy balloon. A”Direct and open dialogue » It is said to have happened between the two.

Blinken told CBS that in retrospect, the U.S. is concerned about China because that country is considering supplying arms to Russia. China later denied these allegations. China’s Foreign Ministry says Washington is spreading false information.

Negotiations over Chinese kamikaze drones

Now German writes “Spiegel» However, the planned cooperation between Beijing and Moscow is said to go further than the US has suggested. According to information obtained by the press, the Russian military and Chinese drone maker Xi’an Bingo Intelligence Aviation Technology are reportedly in talks to mass produce kamikaze drones for Russia.

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The manufacturer plans to produce and test 100 prototype ZT-180 drones and deliver them to the Russian Ministry of Defense by April. According to “Spiegel”, the design should be similar to Iranian kamikaze drones of the Shahed 136 type. With this, Russia’s armed forces repeatedly attacked targets in Ukraine. Drones fly towards their target at high speed and cause huge damage.

In addition, the Chinese drone manufacturer should provide components and know-how to Russia so that the country can set up its own production. In future, 100 drones can be produced per month. The plans are said to have been in place since last year. According to additional information obtained by “Spiegel”, a company controlled by the Chinese People’s Liberation Army is reportedly planning to supply spare parts for Russian Su-27 fighter jets and other models.

False bills of lading created for concealment

Also, it is said that there is a plan to make fake shipping documents by converting spare parts for military machines into spare parts for civil aviation.

In January, Dutch public broadcaster NOS reported that Dutch microchips were being sent to Russia via Chinese companies. According to the Ukrainian analysis, the specified microchips were found in ten out of 27 Russian weapons.

Chinese companies have also reportedly provided the Russian side with satellite images of the war zone in Ukraine. The US government added Chinese satellite company Changsha Tianyi Space Science and Technology Institute to its sanctions list. Based on these images, the Wagner Group carried out “Combat Operations in Ukraine”.

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