April 15, 2024

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Australian TV host brutally murdered by ex-police officer

Australian TV host brutally murdered by ex-police officer

They were presumed missing, and now a shocking discovery: Australian TV presenter Jesse Bird (†26) and his friend Luke Davies (†29) are dead. Both murdered in cold blood. The prime suspect is, of all people, Jesse's ex-boyfriend – a police officer!

The bodies were found in a remote area near the town of Pungonia. They have not yet been identified. But New South Wales Police said: “We believe we have found Luke and Jessie.”

Officials were already searching the area for the two missing men. In the end, they find what they're looking for thanks to a tip from the suspicious Bu El – Jesse's ex-lover.

The 28-year-old is a senior police officer in New South Wales. According to the Daily Mail, he turned himself in on Friday and provided authorities with vital information about the bodies. A bullet was also found at the crime scene, which is said to match his service weapon. Currently, two murder cases have been registered against him.

Police believe Jesse and his friend Luke were shot dead on Monday last week. A worker found blood-soaked clothes in Sydney, where the TV presenter lived. Credit cards, keys and cell phones of the two missing men were also found. Officers also found a large pool of blood in Jesse's apartment.

The prime suspect is believed to have taken the bodies away in a rented van after his gruesome crime. To do this, he stuffed them in surf bags and then tried to cover the bags with stones and rubbish.

The shocking case is currently under investigation. Meanwhile, family members of the slain have also reached the spot where the bodies were found. Pictures show them arriving at the crime scene in cars and hiding their faces behind their hands and glasses.

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Beau L. It is not known if she killed her ex-boyfriend Jesse out of jealousy. The purpose was initially unclear.