July 24, 2024

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England: Toilet ban and men’s card – Students take to the streets across the country

England: Toilet ban and men’s card – Students take to the streets across the country


Toilet ban and men’s card – school children on the streets across the country

Student protests took place in several counties across England on Friday. Young people are fighting against the new school rules. Among other things, they are no longer allowed to go to the toilet during class.


Students in England are angry: On February 24, 2023, young people protest against new school policies.

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  • They are not allowed to go to the restroom during class, and girls must show a red card when they are menstruating.

  • These new school rules are not ideal for teenagers in England.

  • Most are supportive of parents’ struggles.

According to school officials in the English counties of Cornwall, Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, a student protest “spiraled out of control”. The teenager Demonstration on Friday against the new rules, according to which students and Students No going to the toilet is allowed during class. At a school in St Helens, male teachers are said to have even measured the length of pupils’ skirts. At Penrice Academy in the village of St Austell in Cornwall, girls are asked to show a red card during their periods.

Calls for protests were made yesterday evening via social media. At a school in Leeds, angry parents protested with their children. They said the new school policy had “taken away their human rights” from their sons and daughters.

In the Lincolnshire city of Boston, dozens of students demonstrated against “prison rules”. In some schools, “tables were knocked over,” and young demonstrators were barred from going to recess. Videos on social media show some youths waving the school’s fence and chanting.

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Schools don’t want to hear anything

A mother told the Daily Mail that the school administration has refused to communicate with the students since the new rules were announced. “They don’t listen to parents or children, so today children have taken matters into their own hands,” said the woman.

Another mother said her son was fed up with “the way he was treated”. She herself often turned to the school administration. “I fell on my ear.” The student’s mother said her daughter was expelled from school on Thursday for going to the bathroom without permission.

“The behavior of a small number of students is unacceptable.”

Schools in the affected areas faced protests. Letter to parents: “Our students have the right to express their views in a peaceful and safe manner, however the behavior of a small number of students is unacceptable,” St Austell school management said.

Many parents were contacted by the school management to pick up their children. A Leeds mother said she was called four times on Friday to collect her daughter. But as the woman was at work, she could not bring the child. In the last call, the school office threatened to call the police if they did not pick up their daughter. The girl said she was later expelled from the school.

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