June 15, 2024

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Italy’s presidential election – a big disappointment for Berlusconi – 48 hours before the election

Berlusconi’s big disappointment – 48 hours before the election

Before that, Silvio Berlusconi had been working for weeks to make his “dream” come true, he told everyone he called. President – He dreamed of it even as a child. He missed the “big voters” by 50 votes in the 4th round, when a two-thirds majority was not required, but only an absolute majority of 505.

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“Operation Squirrel”

The chances of Pierre Fernando Cassini are increasing – he has gone underground

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People know each other: Former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi talks with Pierre Fernando Cassini, former chairman of the Italian House of Representatives.  (Archive)

The instability of the right, the political establishment, prevents last-minute acceptance of a personality beyond the boundaries of the coalition. Chaos reigns, write newspapers. There are still circles who want to persuade outgoing President Sergio Materella to attach an order. But he did not want to, as he has often said over the past few weeks. You have to force him to a certain extent. Materella is staying in her hometown of Palermo, while her spokeswoman in Rome posted a photo on Twitter showing her office in the palace with many moving boxes – with the message “hard work over the weekend”.

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