April 15, 2024

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Great overview of symptoms for variations

The omigran variant of the corona virus causes an increase in the number of cases worldwide. But how do their symptoms really differ from delta and fever?

Briefly essentials

  • Loss of sense of smell, fever and cough – these are the usual corona symptoms.
  • Now the new Omigron variant is causing an explosion in the number of cases worldwide.
  • The course of the disease is often slightly different during infection than in delta.

The omigran variant of the corona virus is found in Switzerland Received above: In a short time, the mutation has replaced the previously dominated delta variant.

But what kind of symptoms does the new variant really bring? How can you tell if you are infected with the corona virus or not Fever Or suffering from a cold? Nau.ch compares.

Corona virus: Omigron symptoms are milder than delta

Typical delta symptoms include fever, cough, loss of smell and taste, runny nose, headache, fatigue, sneezing, sore throat and loss of appetite. Show this Information British Joe Govt research processor, in which corona sufferers can enter their symptoms.

These were collected in October when Delta dominated Information Updated with the latest Information Compared from London. Because in the English capital, Omigron is particularly widespread. It turned out that the new variant of the corona virus causes delta-like symptoms.

But: Omicron seems For mild disease processes Anxiety. Since the spread of the new variant, the number of infections worldwide has been rising. Number of people Was admitted to the hospital But does not increase to the same extent.

The most common omega-3 symptoms are consistent with symptoms that can occur in delta variants as well. However, there are reports of new symptoms associated with Omigron. For example, according to the “Mirror” report, discoloration of the lips, skin and nail bed was observed in individual patients.

Light gray According to US health officials, this should indicate a low level of oxygen in the blood. Another Previously unknown symptom, Which occurred in patients with Omigron’s disease: severe night sweats. In addition, some people suffer from severe fatigue.

Risk of confusion with cold and flu

Symptoms do not always clearly indicate Govt 19 disease. Sore throat and headache and runny nose may indicate the presence of mucus or mucus Fever Indicate. Therefore corona tests are essential: a harmless cold can be caused by a corona virus infection.

Did you already have Govt-19?

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report the following symptoms as a classic cold: sneezing, sore throat, mild cough, runny nose, mild body aches, mild fever, headache and occasional fatigue.

People with the flu, on the other hand, often lie down for several days. According to the BAG, the symptoms are high fever, cold, cough, sore throat and sore throat, headache, as well as muscle and joint pain. CDC lists fatigue as a common symptom.

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