April 19, 2024

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The French adventurer died while crossing the Atlantic

A 75-year-old trooper tried to sail across the Atlantic, but failed and died.

Briefly essentials

  • A 75-year-old Frenchman has died while crossing the Atlantic Ocean.
  • The interested trooper traveled alone in the boat.
  • He recently celebrated his 75th birthday on the boat.

A 75-year-old French adventurer has died trying to cross the Atlantic alone. Jean-Jacques Savin celebrates his 75th birthday. Birthday On his boat.

Portuguese Coast Guard Jean-Jacques Chawin’s sunken boat was first discovered in the Azores.

Finally, on Saturday, a Coast Guard diver found Savin’s body in the cabin of the boat, his support team said. The exact circumstances of the accident have not yet been clarified.

Intense triathlete and Former paramedics Departed from the southern tip of Portugal to cross the Atlantic on January 1st. After a while, he had to go a long way due to unfavorable winds.

From night to Friday, he broke contact with Savin by firing two flames that he was in an emergency.

Savin already crosses the Atlantic in 2019 – a ton

In 2019, Savin received it in 127 days Crossed the Atlantic in a barrel. At the time, thousands of people were following his adventure online Facebook. This time Savin wanted to reach the Caribbean in a boat with equipment and supplies weighing 300 kg, which was eight meters long and 1.70 wide.

Savin turns 75 on January 14th. Birthday He celebrated with foie gras and champagne on his boat. He described the plan to cross the Atlantic by boat as an opportunity to “laugh at old age”.

His boat was called “L’Audacieux”, which means “thick”.

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