July 20, 2024

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“German arrogance and megalomania”

“German arrogance and megalomania”

Ambassador of Ukraine: The resignation of Shanbak is not enough

Andriy Melnyk wrote on Twitter that “German arrogance and megalomania”. The government should change its attitude towards Kiev.


Kiev wants to use German weapons in the conflict with Russia. The federal government denies the irritation of Ukraine. Now tensions have risen – with clear words in the direction of Berlin.

Amid intense tensions over the Ukraine conflict, a split between Berlin and Kiev threatens. Terrified Ukraine opened the weekend Controversial statements by German naval inspector K-Achim Schnbeck, he resigns Reacted.

Therefore, the Foreign Ministry invited the German Ambassador to Kiev, Anga Feltson. The federal government’s explicit statement that weapons should not be provided is subject to criticism. “Germany’s current statements are disappointing,” Foreign Minister Dimitrov Kuleba wrote on Twitter. The tone between Great Britain and Russia is sharpening.

Ukraine’s ambassador to Germany, Andriy Melnyk, spoke on Sunday about a “mess” over the corruption surrounding the German naval inspector. “Germany’s international credibility and credibility – not just from a Ukrainian perspective – have been called into question,” he told the Welt. Schönbach’s statements speak of “German arrogance and megalomania”.

Vice Admiral K. Achim Schainbach, an inspector of the German navy under naval command, caused a stir and annoyance with his statements.

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“The Crimean peninsula is gone and will never return”

Upon his appearance in India, the Vice Admiral expressed his understanding to Russian President Vladimir Putin. He also commented on the conflict between Russia and Ukraine: “The Crimean peninsula is gone and will not return.” Schonbach resigned from his post Saturday evening. As for Kiev, the matter is not over. Ukraine has been demanding for years the withdrawal of the Crimean peninsula in the Black Sea, which joined Russia in 2014.

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Given the intense tensions between Russia and Ukraine, the German government would consider Kiev’s dissatisfaction to be the most difficult. Germany, along with France, is mediating in the eight-year-old conflict in Ukraine. Foreign Minister Annalena Barbach (Greens) campaigned for a quick resumption of peace talks in Kiev and Moscow only on Wednesday and Thursday.

Moscow demands security guarantees and puts an end to expansion to the east

Efforts to defuse the conflict have been going on in various negotiations for several days. The United States and its Western allies are demanding the withdrawal of Russian troops stationed on the Ukrainian border. In response, Moscow demands security guarantees and puts an end to the eastern expansion of the Western military alliance NATO, which Russia sees as a threat.

Ukraine has repeatedly asked Germany for help. Berlin wants to bring a field hospital to the former Soviet republic in February. But Federal Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht made it clear in “Welt am Zondak” that there were no weapons. “The supply of arms will not be helpful at this time – this is the consensus in the federal government.”

Over the weekend, the United States again documented its willingness to help Ukraine. The U.S. cargo plane landed at the airport in the capital, Kiev, just hours after US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen met with his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov in Geneva on Friday. According to the U.S. embassy in Kiev, the ship was carrying 90 tons of cargo, including ammunition “for front line security.” Further distributions should continue.

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Russia has repeatedly called on Ukraine not to continue to build arms because it would provoke military tensions and encourage the country to attack Donbass in the east of the country, for example, in order to withdraw Luhansk and the secessionist territories. Donetsk regions. However, Britain sent anti-tank weapons to Ukraine. This is not the only reason why Moscow behaved angrily.

Britain has accused Russia of preparing for a coup

The Foreign Office in London said on Saturday that Russia wants to establish a pro – Russian government in Ukraine. Former Ukrainian parliamentarian Evgeny Murayev has been named by the British side as a possible candidate for the presidency. However, the London-named candidate for governor of Moscow has been on the Russian sanctions list since 2018.

Murayev told The Observer on Sunday that the British Foreign Office was “confused”. “It’s not particularly logical. I was banned from Russia and money was confiscated from his father’s company there.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova called the British account “nonsense.” On the Telegram news channel, he called on the Foreign Ministry in London to stop the “provocative activities”. The spread of this “misinformation” by the British media is further evidence that “Anglo-Saxon-led NATO nations are aggravating the situation around Ukraine.”

America announces maneuvers

He called the report of the Echo Moskvi radio station a “propaganda campaign” in which China reportedly asked Russia not to invade Ukraine during the Winter Games in February. Moscow rejects this almost every day. President Putin plans to travel to Beijing for the Winter Olympics.

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British Justice Minister Dominic Robb reiterated this on the BBC on Sunday and spoke of the “most important danger” of Russia occupying Ukraine. Such action would have “very serious consequences”.

Meanwhile, the United States announced a new NATO maneuver amid intense tensions. According to US sources, the so-called “Neptune Strike 22” exercise in the Mediterranean will begin today and last for twelve days. A U.S. Defense Department spokesman said the maneuver was not related to fears of a Russian invasion of Ukraine. Russia has previously announced various naval maneuvers in the Mediterranean, Pacific and Atlantic over the next few weeks with a total of 140 warships.

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