April 19, 2024

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Putin has reason to be happy: the West is struggling with an energy crisis

Europe is in trouble

For once, Putin has reason to be happy

At first, the West was allowed to remain optimistic. They imposed economic sanctions in the wake of the Russian war of aggression, and the Ukrainians scored victories on the battlefield. But now Putin’s poison seems to be starting to take effect in the West.


Russian President Vladimir Putin must be happy. Its poison seems to be slowly taking hold in the West. He managed to spread unrest about the energy crisis.

Not so long ago, faith prevailed in the West. After the war of aggression against Ukraine, economic sanctions were imposed on (influential) rich Russians: accounts were frozen, travel bans were imposed, business contracts were cancelled. Domestic political chaos erupted around dictator Vladimir Putin. In addition, the Ukrainians defended themselves bravely and without giving up. Sometimes thanks to the military support of Western countries, they were able to register victories on the battlefield.

But now Putin’s poison is being felt more and more in Europe. Britain is in turmoil after Prime Minister Liz Truss dumped the beggar after 45 days. This is mainly due to fiscal policy, which is more difficult as Russia cuts off the West’s energy supply. Also, the protests that are rocking France are ongoing.