June 22, 2024

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Two years after epidemic – “leisure time”: WHO prepares for a corona break – News

  • The World Health Organization (WHO) Europe head has not put an end to the corona epidemic in Europe after the current Omigron wave.
  • However, as further mutations in the corona virus may occur, Hans Cluj urges caution.

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He explained that when the current Omigran wave in Europe subsides, there will be global immunity for a few weeks and months – thanks to the vaccine or the fact that people have immunity due to infection. There are also seasonal effects.

By March, 60 percent of the population had been affected

The WHO estimates that 60 percent of all people in Greater Europe will be affected by the Omigron variant by March. “So, we’re preparing for a quiet period before the return of Covit-19 later this year, but there is no need for the epidemic to come back,” Cluj summed up his expectations.


According to Hans Kluge, WHO’s head of Europe, the situation in Europe will gradually ease in the coming months.


Omigran is highly contagious, but according to previous studies, it usually causes milder diseases than previous viral variants. Two years after the onset of the corona epidemic, during the current wave of omigranes, there is a growing belief that the corona will develop from an epidemic to a local epidemic, which, like the flu, can occur permanently and frequently in a specific area. Or in certain areas of the population.

Safety of vulnerable people on the front

Cluj told AFP: “There is a lot of talk about endemic, but what can happen is predictable (…)” Sars-CoV-2 corona virus “surprised us more than once, so we have to be very careful”.

This is how the corona is currently spreading in Europe

EU domestic market commissioner Theory Breton, who is in charge of vaccine production, said on Sunday that the current corona vaccines could be adapted to any new virus variant. “We can also defend ourselves against new variations,” Bretton told LCI, a French television broadcaster.

Infectious, local – that’s what it means

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From one International spread Languages ​​spoken According to BAGAn epidemic that suddenly occurs in large numbers in many countries or continents and puts a large portion of the population at risk.

From one Endemy A virus – or another pathogen, a parasite, a fungus, a bacterium – has come and gone permanently. “Usually these violent waves do not exist and the burden of disease remains relatively stable for many years,” says Kathryn Sophel, SRF Science Editor.

Regarding the prudent strategy against corona at present, Cluz said the focus should be on protecting particularly vulnerable people, rather than focusing on controlling the epidemic. The situation needs to be stabilized so that the health system is no longer overcrowded by Govt-19.

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