May 24, 2024

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YouTubers shoot a video in a Lamborghini – child (5) dies in a serious accident

YouTubers shoot a video in a Lamborghini – child (5) dies in a serious accident

Tragedy in Rome

YouTuber Shoots Video In Lamborghini – Manuel (5) Dies In Horrible Accident

A group of teenagers make a video for their YouTube channel. The shoot ended in a tragic accident on Wednesday.


The accident in Rome was shocking: an SUV crashed into a small car in which a mother was traveling with her two children. A five-year-old son died.


  • A mother with her two children was involved in a car accident near Rome.

  • An SUV came in the oncoming lane.

  • There were five YouTubers inside.

Four men and a woman are in custody, their cell phones confiscated by the Italian police: the five are part of a group called “The Borderline”, who shoot challenges and pranks with votes and cash prizes for their YouTube channel. However, your last video ended with a tragedy on Wednesday afternoon: in a serious traffic accident, a small car was hit by a YouTuber’s SUV in Rome. Five-year-old Manuel was killed, while his mother and three-year-old sister are in critical condition.

For the final challenge of The Borderline, the team wanted to spend 50 hours straight in the car. According to Corriere della Sera, he made a deal with a car dealer that gave him a blue Lamborghini Urus. YouTubers have around 600,000 followers.

A 29-year-old mother was traveling on a road between Rome and Ostia when she picked up her children from kindergarten. Manuel was in the safety seat next to her, and the three-year-old was in the back seat of the four-door Smart. According to preliminary findings, the 20-year-old driver of “The Borderline” pulled into the oncoming lane of the sports car. The man, from Casal Balocco, a southwest suburb of Rome, is being investigated for manslaughter.

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Who was behind the wheel of the Lamborghini?

A few hours before the accident, the youth posted a video on TikTok mocking the children and smart owners sitting in the Lamborghini. Now the Carabinieri wants to clarify which of the YouTubers was driving the sports car when it collided with the small smart car.

The Italians’ videos are inspired by Mr. Beast, who inspires more than 160 million subscribers on the video platform with his videos. Jimmy Donaldson, real name Mr. Beast, made a name for himself with clips that showed him as a generous gift-giver.

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