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This German Ramstein lawyer raised money for the victims

This German Ramstein lawyer raised money for the victims

A follower wrote to a Twitter user from Berlin: He is reportedly in legal trouble. He started a collection – and now he’s being attacked.

15.06.2023, 16:2616.06.2023, 13:13

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Twitter user “DennisKBerlin” has 20,000 followers, calls himself an Antifa advocate on his profile, likes football, good wine and techno. Berliner has amassed a sizable fan base on the social media platform while always seeming unfair to her – but she’s also constantly under fire for her approach to controversial topics.


Now he has come under criticism again. The reason is something he recently started Fundraising campaign on the “GoFundMe” page. It’s about Rammstein.

As DennisKBerlin writes, he’s there to collect “help for Rammstein lawyer victims.” Unfortunately, he was contacted by the first follower, who “received a post about Rammstein during reporting,” according to a text posted over the weekend.

And: “It is an intolerable situation for victims of sexual assault to be silenced while perpetrators celebrate.”

What is the goal?

Donations should help support the legal pursuer. If more money is raised than needed, “the excess amount will be used to help other victims of this case, which will happen over the next few days”.

People immediately started donating: as of Monday morning, more than 400 people had pulled out their credit cards, and more than 8,000 euros had been raised. The original fundraising goal was reached on Sunday, after which Denniskaberlin deleted his tweet referencing the fundraising campaign.

Who is threatening?

At the same time, he pointed out that there are clearly those who don’t like his fundraising: “Unfortunately, a campaign is being waged against me,” he wrote.

The methods were “disgusting”: he received threats by email and direct message, and several times the collection was allegedly fake.

Criticism of band members’ legal handling of allegations against singers Up to Lindemann was before. Association of German Journalists (DJV) The investigation also saw attempts to intimidate the media.

Well-known law firm Schertz Bergman threatened legal action against the media in a press release. DJV national president Frank Überall said the Rammstein singer’s silence does not prevent him from reporting as long as there is credible information. The media should not be intimidated by a press release from Lindemann’s lawyer:

“The allegations against the frontman of one of the most well-known German bands are very serious and should be investigated and reported.”



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