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War in Ukraine – Six Months of Ukraine War – Here’s How the Field Turned – News

War in Ukraine – Six Months of Ukraine War – Here’s How the Field Turned – News

Half a year has passed since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The course of the war in five maps.

Russia invaded Ukraine

February 24: Russia is attacking its sovereign neighbor, Ukraine. Military targets are firing across Ukraine. Many Ukrainians often flee to the West.

February 25: North of Kiev Ivankiv Also in the south near the city Cherson Russian troops land.

February 27: Satellite images show a Russian military convoy stretching dozens of kilometers toward the capital, Kiev. Russian President Vladimir Putin has put nuclear deterrents on standby.

March 1: Heavy fighting will occur in the suburbs of Kiev and in the north Chernihiv reported. In the south, there is fighting over Mariupol.

March 2: The UN General Assembly condemns the Russian invasion by a historically large majority.

March 4: Fire near Europe’s largest nuclear power plant Taste it Fueling fears of a nuclear holocaust.

March 8: Thousands of civilians have been evacuated from the trapped city Amounts Recovered in northeastern Ukraine. This is the first time Russia has targeted civilian targets.


A satellite photo shows the partially destroyed Mariupol theater after shelling. The picture was taken on March 29.

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March, 15: The progress of Russian troops slows down significantly. Wars are concentrated in cities Mariupol And Chargiv and suburbs of Kiev.

March 16: Mariupol, theater bombing. Hundreds of civilians are taking shelter in the basement of the theater.

March 23: Russia now occupies the entire area in the south Cherson and the Russian border. Only in Mariupol are Ukrainians still resisting.

Withdrawal of Russian troops from the North

1. April: Russian troops begin to withdraw from the north of the first sub-regions.

3. April: Russia is around to the north Kiev And Chernihiv Totally subtracted. After the withdrawal, atrocities against civilians in the Kiev suburbs were alarming Putsa Horror. More than 400 bodies have been counted in the war crime.

15. April: Russia has confirmed the sinking of the missile cruiser Moskva. Ukraine claims to have sunk flagship of Black Sea Fleet. Moscow denies it.

Attack on Donbass

20. April: Russia is massing forces for an offensive in Donbass, eastern Ukraine. The number of refugees from Ukraine now exceeds five million.

21. April: In Ukraine’s east, the Russian military now has most of it Luhansk region under control.

May 1: Fights about Mariupol Keep going. Ukrainian fighters and civilians withdraw from the Azovstal steel plant.

21 May: According to the Russian military, the port city of Mariupol is under full control. The last of the more than 2,400 Ukrainian fighters at the Azovstal steel mill to surrender. The Ukrainian and Russian armies are fighting fiercely in the region Lysitzchansk.

In early June: Regions Lysitzchansk And Severodonetsk It will be competitive.

End of June: The Ukrainian army leaves the city of Severodonetsk. Lysisansk continues to compete.

27. June: The Russian Air Force has bombed a shopping center in a city in eastern Ukraine Kremenchuk. According to Ukrainian sources, at least 20 people have died.

July 1: Russia withdraws from this Snake Island return. The strategically important island lies outside the port city of Odessa.

July 6: The city of Listizansk fell to Russia.

Hard edges

Mid July: Russia managed almost no new territorial gains. Fronts in the Donbass and the south appear to have hardened.

End of July: The Ukrainian army is trying to push back the Russian army around the city of Kherson. It reports small regional gains.

July 29: Dozens of Ukrainian prisoners of war have been killed in an attack on a prison controlled by pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine. Kiev and Moscow blame each other for this.

1. August: For the first time since the beginning of the Russian invasion, a ship with grain leaves the port of Odessa in Ukraine. The parties agreed to this days earlier – the first major agreement since the start of the war.

9. August: Explosions have rocked a Russian airbase in Crimea, which was annexed in 2014. Many planes were destroyed, the background is unclear.

11. August: The UN Security Council is concerned about the chaotic situation at the Russian-occupied Zaporizhia nuclear power plant. The power plant is subject to repeated fires.

16. August: Moscow has called the explosion of a Russian ammunition depot in Crimea an “act of sabotage”.

18. August: Kharkiv in the northeast comes under fire from Russia again.

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