July 20, 2024

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Canada: Ground squirrels died out 30,000 years ago

Canada: Ground squirrels died out 30,000 years ago

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Permafrost preserved this sensational discovery

Gold diggers have discovered an Ice Age ground squirrel in Canada’s Yukon Territory. Now researchers have examined the mummified fur ball more closely.


Paleontologists have released an unusual find from Canada’s Yukon: a mummified ground squirrel that’s about 30,000 years old.

Government of Yukon

  • Gold diggers discover Ice Age ground squirrel in Yukon, Canada

  • Researchers believe it is a very young animal that did not survive the first hibernation.

  • The permafrost has protected the animals well.

Will it be “scrat”. From the Ice Age universe Let’s leave it as a fun introduction. X-rays of the mummified fur ball didn’t reveal any saber teeth, making it pretty solid. This discovery was already discovered by a gold digger in 2018 In the Canadian Yukon done, are still fully conscious and have now been identified by researchers as hibernating ground squirrels.

Paleontologist Grant Zasula described the brown lump very clearly at first glance to the news channel CBC. He pointed out tiny claws, a tiny tail and even ears from the past before the tiny creature came under X-rays. Everything was confirmed there: a curled-up, perfectly preserved gopher from the Ice Age.

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Didn’t survive the first hibernation?

Researchers believe it is a very young animal that has not survived the first hibernation. The species is still widespread in the area today and is often compared to a marmot, which creates underground dwellings for protection and retreat.

Permafrost still frozen in the Yukon gold fields is responsible for many well-preserved Arctic discoveries. However, due to global warming and climate change, the frost is melting more and more, and “treasures” like these ground squirrels will be discovered more often in the future.

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