July 22, 2024

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Girl Description: This party photo became an internet hit

The story behind the meme

This party photo became a hit on the internet

Denise Sanchez is suddenly an internet star. One of his photos suddenly went viral. In the picture, she seems to be shouting something into her irritated friend’s ear. But everything was very different.


Denise Sanchez (21) has become a meme star in South America and now the rest of the world.

A picture of Denise Sanchez, 21, from Argentina, has been circulating the Internet for three years: the girl wraps her arm around her bored-looking boyfriend and screams into his ear. The film is available in numerous Spanish and recently English versions, in which the young woman explains the world to the boy. Many funny memes have already been posted under the hashtag “Girl Explaining”.

A week ago the film came from South America to the US and Europe. Now Sanchez is going viral there too. Many people know the film, but not the story behind it. That is why the young woman returned to the public.