June 22, 2024

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Vladimir Putin is said to live another two or three years

Vladimir Putin is said to live another two or three years

There is a lot of speculation about Vladimir Putin’s health. Now an FSB official says: The Russian president should live two to three years.

Briefly essential

  • According to an FSB member, Putin is suffering from severe cancer.
  • Accordingly, there is only a maximum of three years until the death of the Russian president.
  • Rumors about cancer and Parkinson’s have been circulating lately.

Vladimir Putin’s health is stable During the Ukraine War Currently the most discussed topics. The “Mirror” reports now, citing an FSB official who is the head of state of Russia Can not live long.

Accordingly, Putin suffers from “a severe form of cancer that progresses rapidly”. According to the source, he was “not more than two or three years old”.

Rumors of Putin’s cancer have been circulating several times recently. He is said to have had successful surgery this month. According to the Telegram, treatment is necessary.

The Kremlin denies Vladimir Putin’s health problems

In addition, the president’s television programs have sparked speculation Its health. Pictures of different events show how his hands tremble. As a result, rumors of a possible Parkinson’s disease arose.

During a meeting with his Tajik envoy, Emomalij Rahman, Putin appeared to be moving his legs uncontrollably. He did so during a call with Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus, further fueling speculation.

Vladimir Putin’s record has repeatedly led to speculation about his health. – Twitter / @ triantafyllidi2

Of Kremlin In the meantime it always denies such statements. Moscow continues to say that Putin has no medical problem.

Do you think Putin is really unwell?

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