May 26, 2024

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Emil (2): Now the dead boy's mother speaks


FranceAfter the death of little Emily (2): now the mother speaks

Little Emile went missing in France last summer – her remains were found a few weeks ago. Now for the first time Amma is speaking in public.

Florian Osterwalder
  • In July 2023, little Emile disappeared without a trace.

  • His remains were discovered in late March.

  • Now for the first time Amma is speaking in public.

In late March, little Emile's bones were found near the French village of Haut-Vernet, according to the Aix-en-Provence public prosecutor's office. After the devastating news, the mother is now speaking publicly for the first time. “We are so touched by your kindness,” Mother Mary writes on the Facebook group “Let's pray for Emily”.

He is thankful not only for the emotional support but also for the financial support provided by the community. Facebook group administrators started a fundraiser to raise funds for the boy's funeral. “Thank you so much for your overwhelming participation in the fundraising campaign. The first part is here,” continued Amma.

Emil's body shows bite marks

Now the family must plan Emil's funeral. One user hopes to get Emile “the most beautiful flowers in the world” at the funeral. “No word is strong enough to describe your pain of losing your child,” another user lamented to the mom.

Police have now discovered that the boy had multiple cracks and fractures in his skull, which must have occurred after his death. Investigators also found bite marks. There is a theory that a two-year-old child may have been attacked and killed by a wolf in Haute-Vernet.

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