June 15, 2024

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Vegetarians leave the vaccine and die

The vegetarian refused to be vaccinated against the corona virus due to animal testing. Now Clin Steel has lost the war on infection.

Briefly essentials

  • A British vegetarian eats cowpea vaccine because of animal testing.
  • Two weeks ago Clin Steel († 54) lost the war against infection.

A British intensive care unit has failed a two-week fight against the corona virus. Clin Steele’s last words to Emma, ​​50, who has been vaccinated twice: “I’m so sick, I want to be vaccinated.”

This is a sad story because Clin decided not to vaccinate from ethical beliefs. Almost 55 years old he is an avid vegetarian The vaccine was dropped due to animal testing.

Emma told The Mirror that her husband wanted to retire soon. “He wanted to travel more and spend time with the animals. Now an empty future awaits me alone.

The widow has asked people to get shovels against the corona virus. “I urge everyone I know to get vaccinated,” he said.

According to Emma, ​​her husband also asked for the vaccine at the end of the day. Shortly before he was attached to the ventilators in the intensive care unit. “But the doctors said it was too late.”

Corona virus vaccines have been tested on animals

Emma describes her husband as a “very gentle soul.” The field technician looked after a total of six rescuers at his home Cats And dogs. He even brought one Dog Need a vacation in Sri Lanka with me.

After reading that manufacturer he was hesitant about the corona virus vaccine These were tested on animals. Clin’s disease began with a cold, and gradually worsened.

On October 27, he was diagnosed with corona infection. His health deteriorated rapidly and his wife called an ambulance. However, as no one was available, Emma had to take her unconscious husband to the hospital.

“I will lose our love forever”

There are already ten ambulances in front of the hospital Tax Agreed. Clin was soon admitted to the intensive care unit. On November 10, he was inserted into a ventilator and placed in an artificial one Come Compensate.

Emma: “I was by his side when he died. I was wearing full body protective clothing, I could not even touch it, but they played his favorite music for him.

Have you been vaccinated against the corona virus?

After life support operations were turned off, Clin Steel died within 20 minutes. In the meantime his Dot Two weeks ago, Emma lamented: “I will always be our friend, our relationship, ours. Love And we lose touch with each other. “

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