June 18, 2024

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The latest news on the corona crisis – Press Time: People are standing behind the corona policy – News

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    Due to Omikron: BAG already provides information today

    The Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) is bringing its weekly press conference one day ahead and already providing information From 3:30 pm today About the current corona situation. Due to the spread of a new virus variant called Omikron, BAG writes in a message that there are many questions.

    SRF will always stream Point de Presse over the stream and keep you updated with Live Ticker.

  • 8:43

    WHO: Omigron is likely to spread around the world

    The World Health Organization (WHO) categorizes the global risk of the new Omikron variant as “extremely high” overall. And the potential for global expansion. Kovit is expected to increase the number of cases to 19. The WHO calls on its 194 member states to ensure that there are control programs in place to improve and operate the health care system.

  • 7:57

    Japan also closes borders for foreigners

    To protect the new Omigron Corona variant, Japan closes its borders. Prime Minister Fumio Kishida announced on Tuesday that foreigners would be barred from entering the country from midnight tomorrow. He said Japanese returning from certain countries should be isolated in separate facilities.

    Japan follows Israel’s example of being the first country to close its borders on Saturday by closing borders in the fight against the spread of a new virus that was initially discovered in South Africa. The Tokyo government tightened entry restrictions on people from six African countries on Friday. No Omigran cases have been reported in Japan to date.

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  • 7:22

    Great Britain calls an unplanned G7 meeting

    The UK has called for an unplanned meeting of G7 health ministers in view of the spreading omigran variant of the corona virus. As announced by the British Government on Sunday evening, the Ministers of the Leading Western Economies will discuss the current developments today. Great Britain will be the leader of the G7 nations until the end of this year. In addition to Germany and France, Italy, the United States, Canada and Japan are allies.


    Many countries have already reintroduced strict travel restrictions due to the new virus variant.


  • 6:58

    Malaysia and Singapore ease travel restrictions on their shared borders

    Singapore and Malaysia have eased corona travel restrictions on their common land border after nearly two years. As of today, citizens of the two vaccinated countries are then allowed to cross the border again without being isolated. The border between the two states is considered one of the busiest land borders in the world.

    Prior to the epidemic, about 300,000 people traveled daily from Malaysia to the neighboring state to work in the local public transportation or electronics industry. When the borders closed in March 2020, many Malaysians were staying in Singapore to continue their work.

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    News: Population supports corona policy

    The general period in the Swiss press on Monday was that the adoption of the Covid Act showed that there were people behind the Federal Council’s corona policy. “Tagesanzeiger” sees “the triumph of reason.” “NZZ” Meanwhile, opponents of the measures now insist that they show that they do not really want a split.

    “Blick” wants the Federal Council to act more decisively because the pragmatic corona policy is supported by the people. According to the online portal “Watson” one does not have to take into account the solidarity of non-vaccinated minorities in the fight against the epidemic.

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    A new variant may have appeared in HIV patients

    According to German experts, a corona variant with a surprising number of mutations may have developed in a patient with omigran, HIV, or another type of immune disorder. Similar findings have already been published in other cases, said Carsten Watzel, general secretary of the German Society for Immunology, a DPA news agency. In those with weakened immune systems, the virus can multiply over several weeks and develop mutations in function.

    Many HIV patients in Africa are not adequately treated, which is why their immune system is significantly weakened, Watzle continues. To avoid the spread of extensively modified variants such as Omikron, it is important to identify those with weakened immune systems and isolate them until they are no longer infected. “Because even if the virus becomes strong for such a person, it is only really dangerous for the spread of the mutated virus.”

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    The most important news coming from the weekend

    good morning

    The most important developments over the weekend are:

    • Swiss voters have it Govt Law Clearly accepted with 62 percent. 24 out of 26 zones said yes to this project.
    • In Austria, tens of thousands of people took to the streets to protest against compulsory vaccination.
    • Besides, there are cases in various European countries A first suspect case in Switzerland Corona variant Omikron emerged. This was the case with a man who returned from South Africa a week ago.
    • Due to the newly formed virus variant, the federal government has several additional states Isolated list, The link opens in a new window Set up. This includes Australia, Denmark and Egypt.
    • In addition, various countries have restricted their air traffic for fear of the Omigron virus spreading further.
    • You can see the most significant progressions of the corona infection in the last week Here.