July 23, 2024

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Vaccine rates rarely rise: “Vaccination week not a big success”

Vaccine rates rarely rise: “Vaccination week not a big success”

No more effort and no gain: this is the sober result of the last week of vaccination. According to the federal government, for the first time, only 35,000 people were vaccinated against Covit-19. This is more than the last two weeks. But in the first week of October more than 52,000 first vaccines were given, which is still less. The vaccination rate is still lagging behind. Within a week, the number of people vaccinated at least once had risen to 66.76 per cent from 66.37 last Sunday, according to figures from the Federal Public Health Office (BAG). It was 66.8 percent as of Monday.

The vaccine costs more than 27 million francs a week – and that number will rise, project manager Michael Peer explained at a press conference by federal corona experts on Tuesday. After all, the declining trend was broken with more than 15,000 additional first vaccines, according to Beer. More vaccines were received, especially in central and eastern Switzerland and Ticino. In the Central Plateau, the effect was minimal. Each additional vaccine helps to get rid of corona infection, compressed beer.

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