June 22, 2024

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Ukraine war: Kremlin critics on Putin’s propaganda show


Russian political scientist Igor Gretzky told a Sunday newspaper: “Since the beginning of his rule, Putin has successfully exploited such fears and shocks to legitimize his highly authoritarian rule.”

Sven Jack

Mr. Gretzky, you visited Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, as a guest lecturer in January. After Russian troops invaded Ukraine, your family had to leave St. Petersburg. What happened?
Igor Gretzky: A few days after the invasion, my wife received threats. They weren’t at first, but they became more and more determined. We talked on the phone and decided that she and my two sons could come to me in Estonia right away.

Why was your wife bullied?
He runs a blog and his articles critically examine Putin’s politics and Russian society. After the invasion of Ukraine, the Russian media were instructed to use only official information from the authorities for their reports. Words like “attack” or “invasion” were banned in connection with the war in Ukraine, and bloggers like my wife were blacklisted.