June 15, 2024

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Ukraine war: Putin’s ex-commander rails against Kremlin boss

Ex-commander rails against Kremlin boss

“What Putin is doing is stupid”

The Russians have been trying to take over Ukraine for months. There is no end. That’s why Putin’s former commander-in-chief, Igor Girkin, is angry and speaking in plain language.


Igor Kirkin did not take kindly to Vladimir Putin. He was a strong critic of the Russians’ wrongdoing in Ukraine.

Former Russian intelligence officer Igor Girkin (52) and head of the Kremlin Vladimir Putin (70) Probably won’t be friends anymore. Kirkin has been critical of the Russian military since the invasion of Ukraine. And he hit back hard against the Kremlin.

“What Putin is doing is stupid,” Kirkin clarifies aloud.attention» His opinion about the Kremlin leader in conversation. The Russian government has yet to take responsibility for its mistakes in the war in Ukraine. According to Kirkin, who was once the Defense Minister of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DNR), Putin is transferring everything to the Defense Ministry. Many of his comrades would still lose their lives fighting at the front.