June 22, 2024

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This is how Chico who won the lottery is now investing millions

After he already squandered 1.5 million euros

Chico who won the lottery wants to be rich with this idea

Lottery billionaire Kürsat “Chico” Y. now wants to invest his money after a buying spree. And it has a special idea.


Lottery billionaire Chico bought this Ferrari immediately after winning. He has now wasted 1.5 million euros.

With perfect numbers, Kürsat “Chico” Y. (42) actually won in September. The German became a multi-millionaire in one fell swoop. He hit the jackpot and pocketed almost ten million euros. First he made it mega tear. He bought luxury watches, branded clothes and several sports cars. Including a Ferrari for 700,000 euros. In a few weeks he squandered 1.5 million euros. Chico wants to be frugal now to ensure the account doesn’t end up empty again.

Friends and acquaintances warned him that all the money would soon be gone. Chico didn’t care about that. After all, there are still a few million left. Also: He invests and ventures into nut business among others. He wants the money back with almonds. Chico bought a plantation in Turkey. It is said that 6,000 almond trees grow there and earn good profits.Build» is reported. And half a million a year.