April 15, 2024

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Ukraine ticker. Putin Now Lets Russians Go Via Email +++ Biden Wants To Clear Up The Mole Affair Quickly

Ukraine ticker.  Putin Now Lets Russians Go Via Email +++ Biden Wants To Clear Up The Mole Affair Quickly

US President Joe Biden is facing heavy criticism from Republicans after the latest Secret Service scandal and wants the case cleared up as soon as possible. On the sidelines of his multi-day trip to Ireland, Biden said Friday evening that he had instructed his government to find out why an alleged traitor had access to such explosive information.

The opposition accused the President of wrongdoing in handling state secrets. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, a Republican, accused Biden’s administration of failing Twitter and not adequately protecting classified information. Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Green, a Republican who politicks on the right-wing fringes of the party, tweeted the question: “Who hands over sensitive information that affects our nation’s security and our own lives?”

Secret documents about Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine have found their way onto the Internet. They have been circulating on the Internet for weeks and contain information on arms deliveries, assessments of what is going on in the war, but also details of alleged US espionage operations against allies.

Biden told reporters in Ireland that the full extent of the incident should be fully investigated. He didn’t think it would take long.

US President Joe Biden walks towards Air Force One at Dublin Airport to return to the US.


At the center of the affair is 21-year-old U.S. Air Force National Guardsman Jack Teixeira. He was charged with unauthorized removal, storage and transmission of classified information and national security information, it was announced on Friday. Imprisonment up to 15 years. The suspect is now produced before the investigating judge.

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Teixeira is said to have initially posted the documents in a closed chat on Discord, a platform popular among video gamers. From there, they spread across the Internet until authorities and the media became aware of them.