March 4, 2024

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Cochnati won gold at the Olympics in Stuttgart with a 3-course menu


First classWith this 3-course dream, Kochanati won Olympic gold

The Swiss culinary team won gold at the Culinary Olympics in Stuttgart. She had six hours to cook over 15 dishes.

Marcel Urech
The Culinary Team's Gold Menu at the 2024 Culinary Olympics in Stuttgart.

The Culinary Team's Gold Menu at the 2024 Culinary Olympics in Stuttgart.

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Kochanadi wins gold: That's it

  • “The first gold is a great shot of motivation for the next competition,” says Marco Steiner, team leader of the Swiss Cochnati.

  • In the interview, he reveals which three gangs the national team used to convince the jury.

  • Each team member trained for about 400 hours for the Olympics.

Switzerland has won gold several times at the Culinary Olympics in Stuttgart: Kochnati shone with a 3-course menu, Junior Kochnati in the “Junior Chefs Table” competition and “Swiss Culinary Creators” from Eastern Switzerland in the regional teams category.

Team leader Marco Steiner explains in an interview how the win came about.

“All of us had about 400 hours of training.”

Marco Steiner, Group Manager of the Swiss National Culinary Teams.

Marco Steiner, Group Manager of the Swiss National Culinary Teams.

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Mr. Steiner won the Cochanati Gold at the Culinary Olympics in Stuttgart. What did you do better than everyone else?
I still don't know what we did better. You can get maximum 100 points in Cooking Olympics. Whoever gets 90 to 100 points gets the gold, and we did that in the first match. We found out that our Junior National Cooking Team also won gold in the Junior Chef's Table competition.

For the competition, your team must cook a 3-course meal for 110 people. What have you prepared?
For the first course we relied on Swiss chard, fennel, kohlrabi and lupins to prepare the following dishes:

  • Pike-perch fillet steamed in pine stock with smoked fish foam and fish jus

  • Pike perch fare stuffed with fennel and apple cream cheese, herb crunch

  • Kohlrabi with marinated fennel

  • Fennel pulp

  • Lupine Salad with Flechte

What is the second course?
The following dishes were served with Swiss venison, celery, pumpkin and cassis:

  • Venison roll, venison with sausage mixture, venison mocktail

  • Celery cream with venison cheeks, wild jus and cassis berries

  • A polenta ball filled with alpine bacon and mountain cheese

  • Pumpkin and celery sticks and celery slices with spelled pop

  • Pumpkin and Braised Vegetable Dumplings, Beer Blanc

And the third course?
We prepared this with Swiss pears, sour cream, raspberries and tarragon:

  • Sour cream yogurt mousse with pear core

  • Biscuit roulade with chocolate cremeux and raspberry coulis, raspberry meringue

  • Pear Tartlet

  • Glazed Fluffy Raspberry, Pear Jelly

  • Tarragon Sorbet, Raspberry Pear, Raspberry Pear Flavor

  • Buttermilk Tarragon Split Sauce

How long does this take to cook?
Six hours.

The national team also participates in the Chef's Table competition, what is it?
We cook a seven-course fine dining menu and serve a showpiece made of chocolate and sugar. Our goal is the Swiss experience.

Did the national team train together often before?
We performed four 1:1 test runs, each lasting five days. Each team member trained for about 400 hours for the Olympics.

How do you get into Kochnadi?
Lots of talent, passion for cooking and enjoy competing with others at a high level.

Things get hectic in the kitchen, have you ever lined up in a team?
We are under great pressure and achieve great performance. This can lead to sleeplessness and disagreements. But that doesn't happen often. The important thing is that you put your ego in the background.

The road to victory in the Culinary Olympics

This graphic shows how to win gold at the Culinary Olympics:

The road to victory in the Culinary Olympics.

The road to victory in the Culinary Olympics.

What are the biggest mistakes Swiss people make in the kitchen?
Consumption of many finished and semi-finished products. Switzerland has many beautiful dishes that are not used enough.

What is your favorite food in your personal life?
I don't have a particular favorite food. But I enjoy cooking with my wife and two sons.

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