June 7, 2023

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The Australian holds the world record for doing 3206 push-ups in 60 minutes


Lucas breaks the world push-up record – guess how many?

It’s an almost unbelievable feat: 33-year-old Lucas Helmke set a world record with 3206 push-ups in less than 60 minutes. “I did it for my son,” says the muscle man.


33-year-old Lucas Helmke set a world record with 3206 push-ups in less than 60 minutes.

Guinness World Records

  • An Australian holds a place in the “Guinness Book of World Records” for extreme performance.

  • Lucas Helmke (33) completed 3206 push-ups in one hour under strict supervision.

  • He was also denied 34 push-ups.

Here’s a number that makes our muscles ache just listening to it: Lucas Helmke pushed his body up on his hands and sank back down 3206 times – that’s 53 times a minute, once every second. He split the time into 30-second sets during which he could do at least 26 push-ups — he even came up with 26.7.

Some were denied to him

Accountant from Brisbane arrested by authorities «Guinness Book of Records» Observed closely because imprecise statements are not taken into account: the body should always be stretched with everyone. Pushup The Helmke should go down to a 90-degree angle between the upper and lower arms, then straighten the arms completely. Helmke was denied a total of 34 push-ups.

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It was still good enough for the world record – Helmke broke his compatriot Daniel Scally’s record from 2020 by 24 push-ups. For the Australian, who set the record for his one-year-old son – “I want to show him that nothing is impossible” – the record is just the beginning: he wants to set a new record every year in the future.

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