May 21, 2024

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This strategy could hit Putin hard

This strategy could hit Putin hard

Moreover, Putin’s tactic of attacking infrastructure and forcing Ukraine and the West to surrender has failed. Nevertheless, he continues to stick to his war aims. He wants total victory over Ukraine.

Donetsk and Luhansk regions have been fully taken, and four new occupied territories are to be recognized internationally. The Institute for the Study of War says Putin wants to delay the Ukraine war until the enemy wears it out.

Firstly And unilaterally stopping the fighting is highly unlikely. Because this will lead to defeat if the Russian attacks continue.

In Second option It is about maintaining the status quo. Meaning: Ukraine continues to fight the current situation on the battlefield. According to analysts, this will encourage Putin to continue his attacks. Still hoping to achieve his goals.

If A third option Analysts are looking at a counterattack announced by Ukraine. This could force Putin to the negotiating table and force a compromise from him. Or Ukraine and the West could freeze the war — nothing Putin could do.

It is clear that this is the only option for Ukraine as long as Russia stubbornly adheres to its war goals. After all, Putin can only abandon his goals if he realizes that the costs of war are too high for him.

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