June 22, 2024

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Cubans escape in hang gliders to Florida, 90 miles away

Cubans escape in hang gliders to Florida, 90 miles away

Main West

The Cubans fled 145 kilometers across the open sea to Florida on hang gliders

With a weak plane, the two Cubans covered the 145 kilometers between their island in Florida and Key West. The refugees landed safely at the airport but were immediately handed over to the authorities.


With this motorized hang glider…

Monroe County Sheriff’s Office

  • Cubans are trying to escape to the United States.

  • Now two people have done it again – with a hang glider.

  • The two flew for hours over the open ocean until they landed safely in Key West.

Two Cuban immigrants use a machine with a motor Hang glider He flew 145 kilometers from the communist-ruled island to Florida. Police said they landed safely at the airport around 10.30am local time on Saturday Main West At the extreme southeastern tip of the United States. Both were turned over to the US Border Protection Agency.

Onlookers filmed the glider’s approach. “I heard a noise and saw them approaching – where they shouldn’t be, which is the approach road to Key West Airport,” Christopher Herrera told Local 10. Pilot Nog Pontecorvo took the plane out of the air. “It was very impressive. It takes guts to cross the ocean 145 kilometers in this wind.”

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A large number of Cubans have recently tried to cross Florida by boat, while a large number of migrants from Central American countries hope to cross the land border with Mexico into the United States. For some of them, including Cubans, there is a new restriction starting in January, a kind of vetting system that allows them to come to the U.S. with a sponsor inside the U.S. But before that you have to apply online. Those who fail to do so may be deported again.

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