June 18, 2024

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In Kitzbühel, the rich must save electricity: no luxury consumption

No more luxury power consumption

Kitzbühel draws the rich

Tyrolean winter tourism is not immune to energy-saving measures. The energy consumption of the rich is a thorn in the side of the mayor of the posh ski resort of Kitzbühel. Now it will finally end here.


Kitzbühel is a vacation destination for the rich in winter. Many have their second home in a small town.

One luxury property follows another here: the Austrian town of Kitzbühel is known for its classic winter tourism. The small town can be reached in less than two hours from Munich. The Tyrolean mountains are very attractive to the wealthy, because in Kitzbühel you can go skiing, shop for designer goods and eat delicious food. Many people have their second home here and don’t want to worry about energy during the holidays. The luxury craze must end now, writes «Trollor Tagessitung».

Because given the energy crisis, hot gutters, garage entrances and permanent lights on pools and buildings are a waste. Mayor Klaus Winkler (58) now wants to take action against this.