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The zodiac-killer is said to have been revealed – but there are suspicions

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The team of investigators believe they have identified the zodiac killer. This is Gary F. Poste, died in 2018.

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Between 1962 and 1970, in the San Francisco Bay Area, United States The zodiac killed many of the so-called killers. Evidence speaks of five to 37 victims.

Now – 52 years later – a group of former investigators believe they have discovered the culprit’s secret. According to new discoveries, Gary Francis Poste is believed to have committed atrocities. Not much is known about his personal life. In 2018, the then soldier is said to have died at the age of 80.

The group, which calls itself “Gas Breakers”, claims to have discovered the identity of the zodiac killer:

Scars on the forehead

Police drawing is probably the most popular reference about the California serial killer. The killer in the searched photo has several scars on his forehead that appeared to be from a process, hence a car accident. This Accident It is said to have occurred in 1959. Scars can be seen in all of Poste’s photos. These scars have been confirmed by several eyewitnesses, including a police officer.

In 1963 the Post was 25 years old.

In 1963 the Post was 25 years old.

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Gary F.

Gary F.

Built in: Gas breakers

Discoveries at the scene of a crime in October 1966

In a crime scene in 1966, Gary F. Various objects were found indicating that Poste was guilty. Including a watch believed to have been purchased from a military base. In the 1960s, within 15 minutes of the scene, Poste was treated for a gunshot wound to a veteran hospital. Investigators found a spray of paint on the clock. Poste worked as a painter for more than 40 years after leaving the military.

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In the same crime scene, the seals of a boot coming from a military boot were found. The same shoe prints were found in the other three crime cases. The size of the shoe is similar to the post.

When the victim was found, she had four strands of brown hair in her hands. Postay’s hair color is also brown. The method of testing DNA was only developed in the 1980s. Hair was tested for DNA in 2000. This helped to exclude a suspect at the time. No traces of DNA from the comparable post.

With scars on his forehead, it’s five pieces of evidence, all of which point to the Post as guilty. The confession sent to the police a month after the crime contained exactly the same words, followed by the cryptograms of the zodiac. For investigators, there are now six coincidences that apply to the zodiac, which cannot be ignored.


The zodiac killer mocked the public, especially the police, with his encrypted messages. In 1969 the zodiac killer sent an encrypted message called “340 Cyber” to the newspaper. San Francisco Chronicle. The news was understood by amateur detectives in 2020.

How a cryptogram is encrypted. (English video)

The 408 cryptocurrency said: “I love killing because it’s so much fun”. (“I want to kill because it’s too much Fun Power “). Investigators have now encrypted another message: the code for encryption and comprehension of the message is the full name of the post.

In his encrypted messages, Poste not only called himself a zodiac sign, but also drew the following symbol in addition to the cryptographs:

Thus the investigations are over till further notice. At least until new evidence emerges. However, there are suspicions that Gary Poste is a zodiac killer. David Oranzak, the computer expert who helped understand the cipher 340, believes that the anagram is unlikely to understand the sign. “The Zodiac case remains open,” the Judicial Commission said.

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