May 21, 2024

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“Interim practices” – Geneva wants to ban “treatment withdrawal” for homosexuality – News

  • The Geneva Content Parliament wants to discuss so-called proselytizing groups and ban them. The government must now enact legislation to that effect.
  • Alternative therapy aims to change a person’s sexual orientation. They are controversial.
  • Experts agree that a person’s sexual orientation cannot be changed – regardless of whether he or she lived it or not.

In principle, the Geneva parliamentarians agreed: treatments that change a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity should be harmful and prohibited. “Interim practices” he called the left-wing politician Salika Wenger (Group à Gauss).

It is often difficult to determine how many self-appointed alternative therapists there are in Geneva or Switzerland. However, it is known that they often use procedures such as hypnosis, hormone therapies or electric shocks in a conservative religious environment. In most cases with the intention of changing the sexual orientation of teenage homosexuals. Not even a vote.

What are “alternative therapies”?

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Homosexuality has long been misunderstood and set aside as a mental disorder. Until 1992 homosexuality was removed from the list of mental disorders listed in the ICD-10 list. The ICD-10 list is a globally recognized classification system.

However, in evangelical circles, homosexuality is still seen as a disease that needs to be treated – using so-called alternative therapies. These are different methods of psychotherapy that turn homosexuals into straight human beings.

The method is highly controversial. All leading international psychiatric and psychological communities reject alternative therapies. This is detrimental to the people involved and contradicts scientific discoveries about homosexuality. That is, homosexuality – like diversity – is simply a variation of sexuality.

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The Geneva Parliament instructs the government to draft legislation. The FDP parliamentary committee pointed out that it was important that not all treatments were banned. Because people who have struggled with their sexual orientation or gender identity can still count on professional support.

Efforts are pending in the National Council

Geneva wants to encourage other regions to ban alternative therapies. Such a need already exists Baselstad. Two parliamentary initiatives by the National Council call for a nationwide ban. LGBT umbrella systems support a national ban because, as they declare, the cantonal patchwork quill is a little meaningless.

The Federal Council last took a position two years ago and said a ban was not possible under current law. Because homosexuality is not a disease, treating a non-disease is not a criminal offense.

Meanwhile, Germany and Austria have banned such treatments. In France, the National Assembly this week approved legislation banning alternative therapies.

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