April 19, 2024

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The girl (16) beat up the police officer in the hospital

Another violent attack in Germany

A teenager (16) who attacked a policeman in a hospital.

There is another case in Germany where a teenage girl was assaulted. At the Leipzig train station, a 16-year-old boy beats up a guard who is about to be hospitalized.

Published: 01/19/2023 11:47 pm


Updated: 01/19/2023 at 23:51

For the second time in a few days, a woman strikes in Germany. A policeman was attacked in the hospital.

A 16-year-old girl beat a police officer in Leipzig (T) on Wednesday evening. The attack took place at the Leipzig railway station. The officer was so badly injured that she had to be taken to the emergency room with injuries to her face, shoulder and wrist.

Obviously, a ticket restriction was increased. According to police, a train attendant alerted the authorities. This is because two young women traveled on ICE from Berlin to Leipzig without valid tickets.