June 18, 2024

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The caregiver woke up from a coma 28 days later

A 37-year-old man has been infected with the corona virus and has almost died. But 28 days later she woke up from a coma – because the doctors gave her Viagra.

Briefly essentials

  • In the UK, doctors saved a corona patient with special treatment.
  • At 37, he received a “large dose” of Viagra.
  • Shortly before the ventilators were turned off, she awoke from her coma.

A 37-year-old nurse from the UK describes surviving a corona virus as a “little Christmas miracle”.

Because doctors almost gave up hope: after 28 days in a coma There will be ventilators, In which Monica Almeida was involved, was to be turned off in three days.

Her chances of recovery were so bad that her parents went to say goodbye to Portugal. The doctors did not know what else to do and sought an unusual treatment: you Is administered to the patient Viagra – Really Succeeded!

Twice Mom She arrived on December 14, almost a month after being placed in an artificial coma. Treatment Doctor, She learned from her work as a nurse and told her that the erectile dysfunction treatment drug was the reason for her improvement in her condition.

Nursing: “Viagra saves me from corona virus”

“I laughed and thought he was joking,” Almeida tells the “sun”. “But he said, no, really, you’ve got a big dose of Viagra.”

Now the person who was double-vaccinated with asthma is convinced: “Of course Viagra saved me.” Within 48 hours, it opened her airways and her lungs began to respond. “Thus the drug works – it dilates the blood vessels,” says Almeida.

Before she could go into a coma, she agreed to use drugs. It is part of the UK Study As the British newspaper writes, experimental drugs are possible.

Would you agree to give Viagra?

Just before Christmas The 37-year-old said he was discharged from the hospital. She can spend the holidays with her family.

Almada was delighted to be vaccinated twice against the corona virus, despite being very ill. Then Without vaccination She may have died due to Govt-19.

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