May 26, 2024

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The boy (10) shot the sleeping man – they didn't know each other

The boy (10) shot the sleeping man – they didn't know each other
The boy shot the man dead even though they did not know each other. (thumbnail)


Criminal case in Texas: Two years ago a child allegedly killed an unsuspecting sleeping man.

In one unsolved murder case, a 10-year-old boy in Texas confessed to shooting a sleeping man two years earlier. Authorities said Friday that the child did not know the victim. Accordingly, the boy was almost eight years old at the time of the crime. He was evaluated at a psychiatric hospital, but could not be charged criminally because of his age at the time, the Gonzalez County Sheriff's Office said. According to Texas Penal Code, a child must be at least ten years old to be considered criminally responsible.

In 2022, a 32-year-old man was shot in the head while sleeping in a mobile home park in Nixon, investigators said. The man visited the square a few days ago.

The boy's involvement in the case came to light last week when sheriff's deputies were alerted to a boy threatening to kill a fellow officer on a school bus. Authorities learned that the boy had told them on previous occasions that he had killed someone two years earlier.

Still fired up on the couch

The ten-year-old was later taken to a children's facility, where he gave a detailed account of the 2022 murder case to investigators. At that time he went to visit his grandfather who lived in a mobile home park near the future victim. He took a handgun from the glove compartment of his grandfather's truck, got into the 32-year-old's motorhome and shot him in the head. Before he left, he shot himself in bed. Then he put the gun back.

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The boy said he had seen the victim earlier in the park but had not spoken to him. So he had no problem with that man. His grandfather later sold the handgun and investigators found it at a pawn shop. Bullet casings from the crime scene matched the weapon. The boy is currently being held at a juvenile detention center on charges of making terroristic threats on a school bus.