May 26, 2024

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Italy: State broadcaster RAI in crisis by Meloni – News

Italy: State broadcaster RAI in crisis by Meloni – News

Stars are leaving state broadcasting, and audience favorites are joining private competition. And ratings are falling.

The raucous sounds of RAI Uno have long echoed in Italian homes like a wake-up call. People stopped eating or chatting for a minute and listened to the RAI headlines. But it's over.

Viewing ratings are falling. Last year, the various TV channels of the Berlusconi family, as “La Repubblica” writes, attracted more viewers than the programs of the state broadcaster RAI, which is financed by fees and advertising revenue, for the first time.

Stars leave RAI private

The causes of bleeding are varied. On the one hand, many viewer favorites are turning their backs on RAI – because private competition pays so much better.

One of the most famous examples is Lili Gruber, the giant of political journalism in Italy.


Lili Gruber left RAI a long time ago and switched to private television competition. Now he presents his show at La Sette.


The star journalist from South Tyrol left RAI a long time ago and can only be seen on the private channel La Sette. But Gruber is by no means alone.

Amadeus also retreats to RAI

Even Amadeus was recently announced to be leaving RAI for private competition. Amadeus is the stage name of Amadeo Sebastiani. For several years he presented a sports program after the Tagesschau on RAI Uno.

Amadeus has always been a ratings hero for RAI. He conducted a program every evening. Amadeus hosted the New Year's Eve Party and the five long evenings of the San Remo Music Festival. Average audience rating: an incredible 55 percent.



Amadeus is a mega TV star in Italy. He also quit the state broadcaster RAI.

Keystone/Ettore Ferrari

But that too is over. Amadeus moves to Discovery, a new provider looking to rock Italy's TV screens.

Meloney put good people in RAI positions

There are also political reasons why viewers use the RAI less. Because when the government changes in Italy, the big clean starts at the RAI. This affects not only the administrative floor but also extends to individual editorial departments.

So when Giorgia Meloni and her right-wing coalition moved into the Roman palace, they placed their loyalists in particularly large numbers at the RAI. But not always the best. Various programs organized by supporters of the new right-wing government failed.

The audience leaves

Journalists who used to host these programs shifted to private programs. Some of them, like Fabio Fazio or Bianca Berlinger, also took their program forms to the competition. And also part of the audience with the performances. The same thing could happen to Amadeus now.

According to some newspapers, RAI may lose the San Remo music festival to its rivals. But it's not far off.

But many who prefer the more independent or progressive RAI feel homeless in the media. Ironically, it is the private broadcasters, mostly owned by right-wing business families, that now serve left-wing audiences better than RAI.

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