June 22, 2024

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Taliban Prime Minister Breaks Silence – News

  • The current head of government of the Taliban addressed his countrymen for the first time in an audio message.
  • Mullah Mohammad Hassan, who was elected Prime Minister of Afghanistan three months ago, called on the Axis to thank the Taliban regime.
  • The head of government said the Taliban were not responsible for the current economic crisis in Afghanistan. On the contrary, it is the US-backed former government that is to blame.

The audio recording of the cartoon was aired on state television on Saturday evening. The head of the Taliban government has previously been criticized for not speaking at official meetings.

The central bank must release the reserve money

In his speech, Mulla Achund said that the Taliban had fulfilled their promises by continuing the struggle against foreign powers until an Islamic government was established and the country was stabilized.

He said there was famine, unemployment and rising prices in the country before the Taliban came to power. The economic crisis will be resolved if about nine billion Afghan central bank reserves are released, most of which are frozen in the United States.

Millions of non-income Afghans

In mid-August, the extremist Islamist Taliban seized control of the Afghan capital, Kabul, and seized power after the withdrawal of international NATO troops. They later formed an interim government with Mulla Mohammad Hasan Achuthan. Millions of Afghans have lost their main source of income. UN warns of humanitarian crisis in country

The international community called on the government to form a majority government and respect human and women’s rights. Achund said her government was open to all and women’s rights were respected. However, more than 90 percent of government officials in the current government are of the same race. Also, none of the women are involved.

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