July 20, 2024

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Two Omigran cases in the UK +++ The call for compulsory vaccinations in Germany is getting louder

Two Omigran cases in the UK +++ The call for compulsory vaccinations in Germany is getting louder

The German Academy of Sciences wants immediate comprehensive communication controls

The situation in Corona in Germany is dramatic. To counter the rapid increase in new epidemics, the influential National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina recommends immediate comprehensive contact controls. “From a medical and epidemiological point of view, it would be immediately effective to significantly reduce the number of contacts for a few weeks from the beginning of next week,” the report said. “As immunity is declining, these measures will be temporarily applicable to those who need to get the booster vaccine at this time and those who have recovered.” The new virus variants made the quick and consistent process even more urgent.

“We don’t have a corona test anymore!” The board that says that hangs.

Christoph Gado / DPA

The vaccination campaign should be massively strengthened and mandatory vaccination should be introduced in stages. Those who are not vaccinated should be vaccinated as soon as possible and they should be motivated or responsible for this. Work-related mandatory vaccination, which is rapidly being introduced to physicians, nurses, and medical professionals, is important. According to Leopoldina, in total, about 30 million third vaccinations should be made by Christmas, in addition to the first and second vaccinations.

Meanwhile, drastic reduction of contact is required in the private sector, indoors and in crowded situations, for example at events, bars and clubs. Where personal contact is unavoidable, a common mask is needed. 2G rules must be followed and AHA-L rules (distance, hygiene, daily mask and ventilation) must be adhered to.

“If strictly implemented, this option will put an end to the rapid increase in new epidemics in the fourth wave, thus counteracting the high burdens of the health system.” According to experts, including Berlin virologist Christian Trosten, continued enforcement of the 2G rules alone will be less effective.

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