April 15, 2024

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Truck drivers: Why Switzerland performs better than other parts of Europe

Interview: Thomas Schlitler

SonntagsBlick: Mr. Calligree, Many sales cabinets in Great Britain are currently empty because the British transport industry is short of about 100,000 drivers. In Germany, experts warn that a similar supply collapse could threaten in two or three years. How are you with us?
Rolf Calicur: The situation in Switzerland is much better than in other parts of Europe. It is true that many drivers will retire in this country in the years to come, and finding good offspring for many years will be a challenge. But this applies to almost all craft industries. We did our homework. Switzerland certainly does not have to fear supply restrictions.

What has Switzerland done better?
Swiss transport companies initially recognized the need to invest in employee training. This is how they were able to keep the driving job sexy. Calicur began training drivers in 1984. Anyone who signs a three-year contract with us gets paid for full driving training in return. Cost: 10,000 to 15,000 francs. This commitment is necessary, among other things, because the Swiss military has trained fewer and fewer drivers over the years. Now we benefit from it.

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