June 13, 2024

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Swiss Govt offers 11,000 candles for the dead +++ Biotech offers only partial protection against Omigron

A World Health Organization (WHO) expert has confirmed previous expert estimates that infection with the new omigran variant of the corona virus may cause less severe symptoms. “The general behavior we have observed so far has not shown an increase in severity,” Michael Ryan, head of the WHO emergency department, told the AFP news agency on Tuesday.

Earlier, US expert Anthony Fossie was against the AFP Similarly expressed. However, Irish physician Ryan insisted that the analysis of the new variant was “early”.

The Omigron variant was discovered by scientists in South Africa in late November. Since then, it has been found in dozens of countries, including Switzerland. It has 50 mutations compared to the original virus, of which 32 mutations are called spike protein, through which the corona virus stands on the host cell. It was therefore feared that this variant would be significantly more contagious than the previous variants.

However, Ryan said: “We are not interested in whether you may be affected by Omigran again, but we are not interested in whether the new infections are more severe or easier.” A senior WHO official stressed: “The best weapon we have now is the vaccine.” South Africa’s data “We did not show a catastrophic loss of performance”. In fact, “the opposite is true in the present case”.

Scientists are researching the properties of the Omigron variant

The important question is to what extent existing vaccines protect against the new virus variant.