June 18, 2024

Columbus Post

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«Stay home friends»-Trend – Bligh


Anyone scrolling through social media in the last few weeks must have seen videos like these.

Morning in Puerto Rico: Kendall Kay (25) poses for the camera in her silk pajamas – in her kitchen – “The first thing I do when I wake up is mix a green juice. And an iced coffee for Luke. I clean our room, start my twenty-minute skincare routine. Then I’ll write a journal, do Pilates and iron Luke’s shirts.” Under the hashtag “Stay-at-Home Girlfriend,” Kay takes a deep look into her daily life on TikTok and Instagram.

The purpose of a “stay-at-home girlfriend” is to run a family – often well-paid – take care of a friend, and at the same time look especially good. Her idol: Bree Van de Kamp from the cult TV series “Desperate Housewives.”