May 21, 2024

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Sr. shot down a Russian jet

Sr. shot down a Russian jet

A veteran Ukrainian shot down an 84 million Russian jet during the Ukraine War. Now he has got Hero Medal.


The essentials in a nutshell

  • A pensioner was awarded a knighthood in Ukraine.
  • Valery Fedorovich shot down a Russian jet from the sky.

Ukraine celebrates Valery Fedorovich as a hero. of Pensioner Reportedly shot down an enemy Su-34 jet during the war against Russia. This was reported by the State Border Service in Kyiv.

Fedorovich opened accordingly fire on enemy aircraft, When it flew over the city of Chernihiv during the war in Ukraine. The company says Pensioner 84 million is estimatedFranken-The jet was shot down completely alone. A video showing the plane crash is going viral.

There is State Border Service Pensioner Honored for his bravery and celebrated for his “heroism”. He was awarded a medal. Footage shows Fedorovich strolling through town with a gun slung over his shoulder. Chernihiv was largely destroyed by Russian bombing.

The video also shows how Pensioner Collects some debris from an “exploded” jet. He keeps pieces in his garage. His story is one of many Remarkable courage of Ukrainian citizens The war in Ukraine.

Does the war in Ukraine scare you?

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