June 22, 2024

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Will Winter Stunt the West Against Sanctions?

Will Winter Stunt the West Against Sanctions?

Vladimir Putin does not want to resume gas supplies to the West until sanctions against Russia are lifted. Are some countries now threatening to cave in?


The essentials in a nutshell

  • Putin has sharply cut gas supplies to Western Europe.
  • If the obstacles are not removed, he wants to stop them altogether.
  • But according to one expert, the West will not step in – it is “unbelievable”.

Clear message from Russia: Will Barriers have been removed, Russian President Vladimir Putin wants to supply gas again. There was nothing like that before Gazprom contacted.

The official reason is the turbines, it is said Had to repair. Then the EU It removed some of the restrictions on the supply of those turbines from Germany to Russia.

And do barriers threaten to fall in the winter? With Nau.ch Russian expert Ulrich Schmidt Spoken. According to him, it is clear that the West will not cave in despite the impending energy crisis in the winter.

“It will make you incredible,” he firmly believes. Putin’s threat to cut off gas and oil is nothing more than hot air anyway. This threat only shows that “sanctions are too painful for Russia.”

Competition between Vladimir Putin and the West

According to Schmidt, the sanctions on technical goods that really affect Russia are too severe. “Additionally, the disruption of the supply chain is severely affecting the Russian economy.”

In December, oil and gas yields will drop significantly. By then, the Russia expert believes, Putin will not be able to give up income from the West at last.

Are you already saving energy?

Social spending is also likely to continue to rise for Russians. There is another race going on at the moment: “Russia believes that there will be energy shortages in Western Europe. And the West believes that the Russian economy can no longer do without income from the West.”

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