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Bir Tawil: The Enchanted Land – Not even a “king” finds happiness here

Bir Tawil: The Enchanted Land – Not even a “king” finds happiness here

Bir Dawil

Enchanted land – not even a “king” finds happiness here

Bir Tawil lies between Egypt and Sudan, but is not claimed by either country. A few years ago a man from Virginia declared himself king in America.


This satellite image shows the country borders (solid lines) of Egypt and Sudan. Disputed boundaries are shown in dotted lines: Bir Tawil (left) and Halayib Triangle (right).

imago images/Planet Observer \ U

  • Bir Tawil is an area between Sudan and Egypt, but neither country wants it.

  • This is due to two treaties that countries do not want to ratify.

  • In 2014, an American raised the flag in Bir Tawil — something he may now regret.

Housing crisis? Overpopulation? Social conflicts? There is no Bir Tawil – because between these about 2000 square kilometers of land Egypt And this Sudan Uninhabited to date and not claimed by either country.

The ridiculous story of Bir Tawil began in 1899 Sudan and Egypt The treaty agreed that the land would become the property of Sudan. In return, Egypt would have received a region called Halaib, much larger than Bir Tawil, more fertile and rich in raw materials.

Three years later, a new agreement was drawn up: Halaib was assigned to Sudan and Bir Tawil to Egypt. But since both countries love Hala’ib, they only recognize the treaty that gives them Hala’ib. Thus, to date, no country has claimed Bir Tawil because to do so would be to recognize other countries’ claims to Hala’ib.

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In 2014, the Kingdom of Bir Tawil was formed

About nine years ago, an American Bir Tawil came up with the idea of ​​declaring his kingdom. Jeremiah Heaton of Abington, Virginia, knew his baby daughter Emily dreamed of becoming a princess. So he claimed Bir Tawil as his own, declared himself king, and made his daughter the heir to the throne.

On June 16, 2014 – Emily’s seventh birthday – the father planted the family flag at the home in Bir Tawil grounds. While the little girl was happily wearing her crown, the father’s problems began. More than 15,000 people sent him messages. Some wanted to start a business, while others were interested in becoming a citizen.

“Investors” wanted to sell Bir Tawil passports for $20,000

A short time later, Heaton held talks with General Mike Flynn, Trump’s former national security adviser. Flynn planned to set up a US Air Force base in Bir Tavil from which drone strikes could be launched against terrorists. Heaton wasn’t completely put off by the idea. But when General Flynn was fired a few weeks later, his hopes of participating in an official White House program were dashed.

Next, Chinese investors became interested in Heaton’s “kingdom”. They offered him a construction plan for a city, including a solar system – but it was just a scam. The investors actually planned to sell the fake passports to unsuspecting Chinese for $20,000 a head. Heaton found out and informed the FBI. Disappointed and a bit beaten, he finally returned to Virginia. His adventure has now cost him about $50,000.

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“The King of North Sudan,” a documentary that tells Heaton’s story, has been available on streaming sites since last summer.

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