June 15, 2024

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Rome: Tunnel collapses in bank robbery near Vatican

A bizarre bailout after an attempted bank robbery

An underground tunnel in Rome collapses, burying thugs

A bank robbery gone wrong in Rome. A specially dug tunnel collapsed, burying one of the robbers. The fire brigade had to come for an hour-long rescue operation.

“Help, please free me!” He and his accomplices wanted to break into a bank in Rome, the capital of Italy, not far from the Vatican, and climbed into a specially dug tunnel. But the bank robbery didn’t go as planned. The man was trapped several meters below the tunnel before it collapsed on Thursday.

After the collapse, one of the thugs called the emergency services around 11:30 am. Firefighters had to go in and dig a parallel tunnel. The man was in critical condition for more than eight hours before firefighters freed him around 8 p.m. Many who followed the rescue operation clapped and celebrated.