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The Fox anchor is publicly reprimanded — by his mother

The Fox anchor is publicly reprimanded — by his mother

Jesse Waters, Tucker Carlson’s successor, brings his mother on his show and soon regrets it.Build: Keystone

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Joanna Reddick / watson.de

“Waters Conservatives’ Trusted Pro-Trump Voice.” This is what the “New York Times” writes about the successor to Tucker Carlson, who was fired in April at the right-wing American news channel Fox News. So Jesse Waters takes Carlson’s place.

Waters is known for being observant. With populist statements, with racial questions, with his anti-corona measures. In 2021, Waters railed against immunologist Anthony Fauci and explained to his conservative audience at a conference how they could “ambushed” him with survey techniques.

epa10748602 American conservative political commentator Tucker Swanson McNear Carlson speaks during the Turning Point Action Conference on July 15, 2023 in West Palm Beach, Florida, USA.  Turning Point Ac...

Fired from Fox News in April: Tucker Carlson.Build: Keystone

Jesse Waters made his debut Tuesday night, following in Carlson’s footsteps and hosting his first primetime show on Fox News. He was immediately reprimanded for this. And by none other than his mother.

“We have a special guest lined up. A Democrat – my mom. Hi, Mom,” Waters greets her guest over the phone. Asked how she’s liked the show so far, she responds positively. We are also very proud of it. You worked very hard. Now let’s make sure you keep your job,” he says.

Jesse Waters’ mother hates Donald Trump

Waters laughs — apparently he doesn’t know what he’s up to now.

Because Waters’ mom brought some advice with her to help her son keep his job. A full list, she admits. “Don’t indulge in any conspiracy theories,” he says sternly. The moderator should laugh again. It is interesting in this context that Jesse’s mother, Anne Waters, was a staunch Democrat.In 2018, it was written that he hated then-President Donald Trump.

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Anne Waters continues: “We don’t want to lose you, we don’t want to sue.” And then she actually goes.

“According to the Hippocratic Oath: Do no evil. We want you to be kind and respectful. You said yourself that humility is a strength. Use your voice responsibly to foster a conversation that keeps a common thread.»Here the arbiter starts massaging the forehead.

But Anne Waters goes even further: “There’s actually enough Biden bashing (…). You could suggest, for example, that your people talk less and less about other people’s bodies.”

However, here Waters intervenes. Because her mother talks about a post that ran earlier on the show. A post inciting against the LGBTQIA+ community following the agenda of far-right Republicans.

“Wait a minute,” interrupts the mother’s words. “We’re trying to keep other people’s interest away from children’s bodies – that’s the point of this post.”

Apparently it’s so colorful to him that he tries to choke his mother. But she doesn’t let it go so easily. “Wait, wait, wait,” she says. “I want you to look for solutions instead of fanning the flames.”

Jesse Waters says, “I knew it was a bad idea.”

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Of course, it’s safe to assume this was all a cheeky PR stunt by Waters and his producers. But whether the strategy actually worked as well as one might expect – well, that’s at least debatable.

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