June 22, 2024

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Refugees say about Russian filtration camps

Refugees say about Russian filtration camps

The evictees from Azov Steelworks were tested at a distillation camp by the Russians. Putin is now using Stalinist methods in the Ukraine war.

Briefly essential

  • The last civilians were recently rescued from the Azov steel plant.
  • They now tell how they were checked by the Russians at a filtration camp.
  • Those associated with the military were detained in the camp.

Refugees from the Azov Steelworks in Mariupol experienced horrific things during the Ukrainian war. Last week, during the ceasefire, they were evacuated and taken to a bus Brought to the city of Zaporizhia desire.

Have you already had contact with refugees from Ukraine?

However, not all of them are safe: refugees report it SRF, How they were stopped on the way by the Russians and taken to filtration camps. Some were not allowed to travel further after the test.

Ukraine war: Russians “filter” refugees

“Women and men are divided into different tents,” says young Lera on the show “10vor10”. “You will be checked to see if you are inside Army Serves. The body is checked for injuries by wearing protective underwear. Hands are checked Whether weapons were used.

The Ukrainian was able to leave the camp after a night like her SRF– Says reporter Luzia Tschirky. However, two of Azov’s fugitives were captured by the Russians Murmur Of a little girl. “He was a doctor in Ukraine Army. Inspectors at the camp found it from photos on social media, ”says Lera.

He brought his four-year-old child safely with his family to Jaborzia. The doctor is still being held in the camp by the Russians. She is probably one of many Ukrainians.

However, no one knows exactly how many people were captured in these camps during the Ukrainian war. “Nobody said anything,” explains a woman who has a husband in one of these camps SRF. “I say don’t worry, the people in the filtration camps are safe. But I understand that is not the case.”

Because even if the prisoners are released after the trial, they will not be able to go to their families. Russian Army Only allowed Exit to Russia, And not to Ukrainian controlled territories. Some of the abductees were reportedly severely interrogated and tortured.

Vladimir Putin uses Stalin’s methods

These methods have become Vladimir Putin May have been copied from Stalin. After World War II, such distillation camps were set up on the site of the former Soviet Union.

These were Released prisoners of war The Germans were the first to be tested before being allowed to return home. The Soviet secret police wanted to find out what the NKVD called the “enemies of the people.”

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