June 13, 2024

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Putin is said to have fired a top commander

Putin is said to have fired a top commander

Vladimir Putin seems to have seen enough of the Ukraine war. The Russian president has reportedly fired the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces.

Briefly essential

  • Russian President Vladimir Putin has reportedly suspended army chief Valeri Gerasimo.
  • The Supreme Commander is responsible for the failed invasion of Ukraine.
  • Other top officials have also been fired and arrested.

It has been almost three months since Russian forces invaded Ukraine. And for the occupier, the war in Ukraine has been going well ever since Nothing according to plan.

So far more than 10,000 Russian soldiers have fallen. Hundreds of tanks were destroyed and Russia’s mainland Moscow sank in the Black Sea.

Now President Putin seems impatient. Apparently, many top officials were fired or arrested for allegedly “cleaning up” the top leadership.

Oleksi Arrestovich, a former member of the Ukrainian Secret Service, said on Wednesday evening. General Valery Gerasimov Was suspended. Gerasimov is none other than Russia’s chief executive Army.

Responsible for the failed Ukraine war

According to Arrestovich, Putin is looking for top commanders to blame for his failed Ukraine war. In a conversation with disgruntled Russian lawyer and politician Mark Feikin Web light He said: “According to preliminary information, Gerasimov has been suspended from practice. They are deciding whether to give him time to fix things or not.

He added: “Lieutenant General Sergei Kissel was arrested and released after the defeat of the First Tank Army near Kharkiv.”

Ukraine’s Interior Ministry has telegraphed that two army commanders have been fired after suffering heavy casualties. The commander of the Black Sea Navy was also fired and arrested, and his deputy admiral is currently under investigation.

Is the Ukraine war scaring you?

Arrestovich also insisted that his information was “preliminary”. But Gerasimov did not show up Important military parade in Moscow On Monday, when he was generally expected. When Putin sent him there to end the Ukraine war, he was reportedly wounded in the Ukrainian war.

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