June 18, 2024

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Putin’s citizens fear winter

Putin’s citizens fear winter

Sanctions imposed following the Ukraine war have hit the Russian economy hard. Citizens fear “severe” winters.


The essentials in a nutshell

  • Sanctions imposed as a result of the Ukraine war have hit Russia’s economy hard.
  • Many Russians dread the approach of winter.
  • The Kremlin tries to keep people happy by claiming low unemployment rates.

During the presidency of Russia Vladimir Putin I am Ukraine war Continues to display growing military strength at home Anger Before winter. Do the restrictions imposed half a year ago Russian economy to achieve

Due to the withdrawal of Western companies and lack of spare parts, many Russian companies have had to close. Employees are exposed to job change or threat Unemployment – and more expensive living in general.

Ukraine war sanctions could lead to job losses

“We expect even worse times,” engineer Svetlana tells the German “Bild” newspaper from Lipetsk. “In herb It will definitely be difficult in winter.” Many foreign companies that had opened branches in the industrial city are already closing them down again.

Sanctions resulting from the war in Ukraine are also affecting the construction industry. Supplies are missing Building materials. As reported in the Moscow-based newspaper Tatzhana, the construction of schools and kindergartens is halting. Drastic reductions in staff mean that work will be stuck with those who remain – for free.

Oksana from Moscow had two jobs, which she lost in March. Now she had to take a microcredit. “Prices have risen sharply and are still rising,” he says. “We switched to simple food and cheap cigarettes, we didn’t buy anything Food

She looks forward to the new school year with “horror.” “Then the hour of ‘patriotism’ begins,” he continues. He did not know how to protect his daughter from it.

Kremlin low unemployment

Meanwhile he tries The Kremlin To keep people happy. Russian agency Interfax reported Unemployment There was no increase in June this year. By contrast: 3.8 percent, the lowest since 1991.

Do you support sanctions against Russia?

Rarely from them Effects of sanctions Government employees and professionals in the IT sector are affected. outside Anger Losing highly qualified employees to Western countries condition Big investments there.

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