June 22, 2024

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Russian ambassador reprimands Switzerland

Russian ambassador reprimands Switzerland

The Russian embassy in Bern has accused Switzerland of being rhetorical in the Ukraine war. She disagreed with Victory Day coverage.

Briefly essential

  • The Russian embassy in Bern accuses Switzerland of being racist.
  • This shows that they believe that victory day is a false statement.
  • Fighters with swastikas were hailed as heroes of the Ukrainian opposition.

The Russian embassy in Switzerland has strongly condemned the local media. The coverage of Russia’s Victory Day on May 9 does not apply to her.

Prior to the celebrations, dozens of articles were published in “apparently neutral Switzerland”. Journalists would not hesitate to compare Russia with Nazi Germany Vladimir Putin Compare with Hitler. The Russian president has been accused of instructing chauvinism and marching, the embassy said in a statement on its website.

“Local ‘journalists’ have been accused of adhering to Rusophobia, and they will carefully count the number of Ukrainian children killed by the Russians, according to the Ukrainian State Attorney’s Office. Troops By the Russian military against children, the embassy says.

The “fighters against neo-Nazism” – the Russians – were called “fascists” in Switzerland. At the same time, “fighters with swastikas and runs” “heroes of the Ukrainian opposition”. In doing so, the embassy reiterated that Russia was liberating Ukraine from Nazi rule.

Russian embassy criticizes Swiss sanctions over Ukraine war

The Russian delegation seeks to deny allegations that Putin is waging an “war of annihilation”. The newspaper article cited frenzied nationalism, unimaginable cruelty and sacrifice as symptoms. “It simply came to our notice then NATO In many other countries. “This is what the embassy writes, citing the Iraq war as an example and asking where the Swiss sanctions were at the time.

In addition, the embassy would like to remind Swiss journalists of what the “war of annihilation of fascism” is. Instead, he mentions the death toll from World War II and describes the atrocities of that time. She notes that the Ukraine war is very small compared to this.

Do you support Switzerland’s sanctions against Russia in the Ukraine war?

Already accepted by the Russian Embassy in Bern EU– Sanctions were severely criticized in the Ukraine war. As a result, Switzerland advanced to the Russian team List of unfriendly states. Switzerland also has a spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, in particular Foreign Minister Ignazio Cassis, has already been attacked.

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