July 20, 2024

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NATO can destroy Putin’s nuclear weapons in seconds

NATO can destroy Putin’s nuclear weapons in seconds

If Russia launches a nuclear attack on the West in the war in Ukraine, NATO will be armed with Aegis warfare.

Briefly essential

  • Russia has repeatedly threatened to carry out a nuclear attack on NATO during the Ukraine war.
  • But NATO has a super weapon: the Aegis war system.
  • In a matter of seconds, the Russian nuclear weapon could be targeted and intercepted.

The ongoing war in Ukraine is intensifying – and raising fears about the use of nuclear weapons. At the beginning of May, about 100 Russian soldiers Attempted nuclear attack. Finally, Vladimir Putin’s deputy and close confidante Dmitry spoke Medvedev From Risk of nuclear attack.

Moscow’s Deputy Foreign Minister Alexandre Khrushchev said the pre-nuclear attack would be justified under Russian nuclear doctrine. “We have a nuclear theory – everything is in it,” Khrushchev was quoted as saying by the state news agency RIA.

Russian nuclear doctrine provides for the use of nuclear weapons only if the country’s existence is in danger. Has so far Russia launches a nuclear attack Ukraine declared “not applicable” to the war.

NATO is preparing for a nuclear attack on the Ukraine war

But despite Putin and his entourage changing their minds and wanting to launch preventive strikes against the West, NATO is ready. The British “Express” said that with its defense systems, Russia’s nuclear weapons could be targeted and intercepted before causing immeasurable damage.

The ace-up sleeve of the NATO missile defense system is one of the most advanced combat systems in the world: the Aegis combat system. It can be used in sea, air, land, space and cyber. It is named after Aegis, the shield of protection from Greek mythology.

The battle system can be used not only on warships, but also on land in the form of the Aegis Ashor. Such a system has been in place since 2016 in Tevez, Romania. The second is already under construction in Poland and is scheduled to be operational by the end of this year.

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