April 19, 2024

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Parents dead, children living 55 hours away

Crash in Australia

Dead Parents – Children survive 55 hours in the outdoors

An Australian family’s car left the road on Christmas Day, rolled and landed on its roof. Parents are dead. Her children endured the intense heat for more than two days.


Father Jack D. (left) and mother Cindy B. Any help came too late. The faces of the children in this photo are covered with sunflowers to protect their privacy.

Three children survived more than two days in a car crash in suburban Australia. The play made headlines across the country. A reporter from Channel 9 talks about “three little miracles” in the harsh conditions of the Australian outback.

On Christmas Day the family’s vehicle veered off a country lane and rolled onto its roof. The wreckage could not be seen from the road behind thick undergrowth, 9 News reported.